Jake Amason - Stephen Kruse - Zach Jackson

Apex is a collective based around collaboration being a means of rapid evolution. Each painting is an intuitive expression that develops naturally with no plan or composition drawn out prior to working directly on canvas. Transforming glowing grids of bubbling unknown technology, floating science fiction landscapes, and references of natural and fantastical biology have all found a common place in Apex collaborations. Influenced by innovations in science and technology, we can find a great deal of themes relating to the possible outcomes of future technological developments,  artificial intelligence and morphogenesis. Progressing the language of imagery through a telepathic creative connection is the driving force behind these unfolding dimensions. While being sensitive to both classical and contemporary methods, each painting captures the underlying movements and patterns that surpass time.


'Paradigm’ by Jake Amason, Stephen Kruse, Brian Scott Hampton, Peter Westerman, Zach Jackson

‘Ultimatum’ by Stephen Kruse

‘Epicenter’ by Stephen Kruse, Jake Amason

‘Macrochip' by Jake Amason, Stephen Kruse, Seth McMahon, Zach Jackson

'Monolithic’ by ill Des